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Worship Facilities

The construction of a church’s facilities is only one of many important steps in creating a beautiful, functional, and lasting building. It is this step that if done well can save the church a great deal of money which could be used for other important purposes. However, if this step is done poorly, can lose significant money and possibly end with an unfinished building for years to come.
A church facility starts by defining the needs of the church. Then you create a plan that addresses those needs. After refining the plan to fit the resources available you can finally build the facility.
By partnering with Palos Verdes Properties, Inc we provide a full line of services to meet the needs of a church wherever they are in the building process regardless of their resources or time limits. We can help with any one item or combination of the following processes:

Needs Assessment
Entitlement/Zoning Compliance
Construction Management
Value Engineering
Construction/General Contracting
Whether you’re building a new facility from ground up, renovating/upgrading existing building(s), or adding onto or expanding facilities, Grado Construction had the experience, knowledge and resources to meet your needs. Our motto, “Building with Integrity” stems from our genuine Christian belief that we are held accountable to the highest ethical and industrial standards to God and to each other. We are committed to bring those standards in helping you build your next church facility.
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